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  • Our first priority is to research your company and current digital efforts. Do you have a social media presence? Are you running email campaigns? Which software tools does your team leverage? Have you captured analytics information from your website?
    As most providers focus on only a small segment they are unaware of the “big picture” and it is often left to management to try and make sense of what is taking place. Unfortunately, this in itself is very time consuming and constantly evolving.

  • Blindly instituting various digital items without goals will always lead to failure. This step is generally missed simply because many companies are unaware of the potential of online marketing.
    We will do an analysis of your current situation and help you to set realistic goals, then map out a path on how to achieve those goals.

  • Surprisingly, this is generally the easiest step in the process. As a clear foundation has been laid we now put the strategies in place to reach the goals that have been identified.
    We apply industry best practices and leverage our partners to ensure that implementation of the plan is flawless and as inexpensive as possible.

  • A successful marketing effort requires multiple actions to take place over a set amount of time. The dynamic flow of the internet means that things are always changing from one moment to the next. A successful campaign strategy one moment may quickly trend downwards and need alteration in order to maximize ROI.
    We monitor and maintain campaigns, constantly adjusting as need be so you get the highest return on your investment possible.

  • What was the return and did we reach our goals? What did we learn about your target market and how can we use this for future campaigns?
    Our experienced staff can answer these questions and more by pulling report data and analytics after your campaign. We use our knowledge to translate graphs and numbers into plain English which we then pass on to you. The process then starts anew.

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Our first priority is to research your company and current digital efforts.

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