There’s a big difference between having a partner, and knowing a partner.

At Autmark™ we’re a bit picky. We use our partners’ services on a daily basis for our clients and frankly, we want the best. We’re experienced with many of the major marketing software providers and can work with you no matter which software you use. However, if you’re just starting out or simply looking for a better solution; the following companies offer the most flexible/powerful marketing tools available and at very competitive prices.

CRM International

CRM International are our “goto” team when companies are investigating CRM implementation options.


They offer a full suite of automated marketing tools: Inbound Marketing, Lead Scoring, Nurturing Campaigns, and the ability to Automate nearly every arketing function.

Act-On integrates seemlessly into the major CRM providers. This allows Autmark to create one universal solution for our clients without losing any functionality.


Sales-I reporting is the key to identifying customer buying behavior and up/cross-sell opportunities. Sales-I integrates with SugarCRM which allows Autmark to create custom nurturing campaigns specific to customer buying behavior. This is proven to prevent customer loss and increases sales!

CRM Axis

Often we find that smaller companies are looking to get a CRM solution but are not looking to pay for SugarCRM or Salesforce. Our Partner, CRM Axis, specializes in small business CRM solutions and development.

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